Fix This Recipe: Molasses Brussels Sprouts

To go along with the cornflake buttermilk chicken, I decided to finally tackle the bag of brussels sprouts that had been sitting in my crisper since my last Trader Joe’s run. The goal was to re-create the molasses brussels sprouts I ate at The Front Porch a few months ago. I checked out a couple of recipes that used either maple syrup or molasses and ended up with something like the following:

1/6 c. cider vinegar
1/6 c. maple syrup
2 T molasses
salt and pepper

Here’s what it looked like when I poured it over the sprouts to roast:

brussels sprouts in maple glaze

Kinda soupy, less glaze-y than I was going for. Tasty, but a mess to keep the sauce from running all over the rest of the plate.

How could I fix this one? More maple syrup/molasses? Less vinegar? Olive oil? Give up and make these totally delicious-sounding brown sugar glazed sprouts instead?

2 responses

  1. From another baker-not-cook to another: Maybe heat some oil or butter (or a combo of both) then stir in vinegar and molasses and seasonings then turn heat on high to reduce to more of a syrup (maybe some water to keep it from sticking???) before pouring it over the sprouts. Love the whole idea of the glaze!

  2. I’d say you used too much liquid from the looks of it. 😉

    Next time, maybe put all the sprouts in a bowl (or even just that pan) and use just enough molasses to coat the sprouts (maybe a TB of molasses?) Add some salt, pepper. and roast. sprinkle some vinegar maybe halfway through cooking, or when the pan starts to look a little dry. cut out maple entirely. You could even roast just in olive oil, and then when almost done, add in some molasses/vinegar mix for the glaze for like 5 minutes. Molasses is pretty thick and would coat it well, I think.

    I LOVE brussels sprouts, but usually do them on stovetop in a big skillet — cook a couple slices of bacon, pour off most of the fat, add olive oil, then sprouts, cut side down. cover, shake, etc. until browned and almost cooked. add balsamic vinegar to deglaze and add back in the bacon. mmmmm. fall. 🙂

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